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American Airlines Forced To Allow Nut Allergy Passengers To Preboard Early

American Airlines is letting passengers with nut allergies book special assistance. This means that they are able to…
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Hanoi based Bamboo Airways has just wet-leased a Nepalese A320-200 from Himalayan Airlines according to CH-Aviation. The four-year-old…
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Eurowings Airbus A319 Engine Panel
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Vlies Tapete Wand Bilder Wellen Impuls Beige Foto Tapete Wandtapete Dekotapete A Eurowings Airbus A319 lost one of the panels on its engine while overflying Germany. The incident occurred…
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Wall Mural Nature Forest Path Countryside Repositionable Vinyl Interior Art

Introducing Boeing Brazil – The New Name For Embraer

The Boeing and Embraer partnership in the works since last year has now got a new name:  Boeing…
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Man Claims Qantas Fat Shamed Him – Did They?

Fototapete Elefanten Herde Tiere Vlies Tapete XXL Wand Bilder Deko Afrika Safari Just yesterday, a passenger accused Qantas of ‘fat shaming’ them. The airline told the customer that they were ‘too…
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The Boeing 767X – The Inverted 747 Which Was Never Built

Vlies Tapete Premium Brüllendes Zebra II Foto Tapete XXL Quadrat Wand Deko Motiv The Boeing 767X was cross between a Boeing 747 and a 767. It had two decks and carried…
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What Will American Aviation Look Like In 2050?

The United States is one of the largest airline markets in the world. The four largest airlines by…
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United’s CEO Will Fly on the Boeing 737 Max

Vlies Tapete Premium Wand Bild Bäume des Lebens II Foto Tapete Wald Quadrat Deko United Airlines has given Boeing and its troubled 737 MAX aircraft a much needed vote of confidence. Oscar…
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Qantas Offering First Class Flights On Airbnb For $20

TX3 Mini Android 7.1 4K TV Box S905W Quad Core WiFi RJ45 H.265 3D Media Player
X96 Mini Android 7.1 TV Box 2G+16G Quad Core WiFi Set Top Box+Air Mouse Keyboard Qantas has secretly put up first class seats for sale on Airbnb, as a ‘cabin in the clouds’…